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Sacrament oF Confirmation

Contact Information


Youth Confirmation (Grades 9 - 12)

Contact: Sam Ford at 816.741.5400, ext 119 or

Adult Confirmation

If you are an adult looking to be confirmed into the Catholic Faith, contact Doug Warrens for more information surrounding that process.

Contact: Doug Warrens at 816.741.2800, ext. 212 or

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Register Youth

for Confirmation

The following are due by September 18, 2022

The following process is specifically for high school youth seeking the Sacrament of Confirmation. If you are an adult seeking the Sacrament of Confirmation, please contact Deacon Doug Warrens at 816.741.2800, ext. 212 or

Confirmation Registration

Teen Pre-Interview Questionnaire and Code of Conduct Form

Submit the Recommended Offering

Pick a Saint and a Sponsor

The following is due by Sunday, October 30, 2022



Choose a name and

submit saint essay



Requirements to be a

Confirmation Sponsor



Sponsor Information

Online Form



Sponsor Certificate of

Good Standing form





Confirmation Preparation will take place IN PERSON on select Sundays beginning September 25, 2022. Classes will begin at 3 PM, and will dismiss in time to attend the 5:00 PM Mass. Check the schedule for more details.

Participation in the Parish Community

The Sacrament of Confirmation equips us for our lifelong vocation and mission within the Catholic Church; participation in the local parish community is essential to our vocation and mission. 

Our Bishop reinstated the Sunday Obligation for all of the faithful within our diocese in June 2021 as part of the "Come Home to Communion" campaign. Our Confirmation candidates and their families should be making every effort to attend Sunday Mass with their St. Therese Parish Community, as well as getting involved in some sort of ministry at the parish. If you are traveling, you still need to be going to Sunday Mass. Check to find a Catholic Church to worship at near you.


We encourage our Confirmation candidates in particular to attend the 5:00 PM Sunday Mass, immediately following each Confirmation session.


On Wednesday nights at 6 PM, our Confirmation candidates are encouraged to join our middle and high school youth at Young Church in the "Upper Room" in the 3rd Floor of the EEC for games, discussion, and fellowship.

Formation Schedule

All events take place at 3-5 PM in the Wooldridge Center unless otherwise noted

September 18

Confirmation Volunteer Training

(adult volunteers only)


September 25

Session 1 - Welcome to Confirmation!

Course Introduction, and how to pick your Confirmation Saint and Sponsor

October 2

Session 2 - The Three Central Mysteries

with Father Joe Cisetti!

October 9

Session 3 - The Gospel Message, and why we need Salvation

October 30

Session 4 - Grace, Sacraments, and the Life of the Church with Deacon Scott McKeller

November 13

Session 5 - What is/isn't Confirmation?

December 11

Session 6 - The Gifts and Fruits of the Holy Spirit

December 18, 3-8 PM

Confirmation Retreat and Reconciliation Service

Dinner Provided

January 8

Interview Day, Option 1*

January 15

Interview Day, Option 2*

January 22

Interview Day, Option 3*

Friday, January 27, 6 PM

Confirmation Rehearsal

Saturday, January 28, 10 AM - 2 PM

Bishop's Address (in the Wooldridge Center) and the Confirmation Liturgy (in the Church), followed by a reception in the Wooldridge Center

*Beginning the week after the Confirmation Retreat, Confirmation Candidates will have the opportunity to sign up for an interview time slot to take place during one of the Interview Days. Interviews will take approximately 20 minutes. Candidates will only need to attend during their one interview time slot.

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