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Youth Retreats

Camp Savio

Going into 6TH-9TH Grade

St. Therese week 1 --- June 7-12, 2021

Registration is now Open!

5th-going into 6th through going into 9th grade
$430 per youth!

Camp Bosco

High School 9th-12th grade.

June 28 - July 1, 2021

$325 per youth

Steubenville Mid-America

For all incoming 9th graders through outgoing 12th graders!

July 16-18, 2021

Hosted at Missouri State University in Springfield, MO

$375 per youth

Check back later for Savio 2022!
Check back later for Bosco 2022!
Check back later for Steubenville 2022!


Find answers to some of the most often asked questions about our camps.



Payment can be made either by a check dropped off at the parish office or online via WeShare.

Make checks payable to St. Therese Church, and include your child's name and the event name (i.e. Steubenville or Savio) in the memo line.


Additional St. Therese Camp Information

Drop Off at St. Therese
Monday June 7, 2021: 12:10 p.m.

  • Arrive at St. Therese Monday June 7, 2021: 12:10 p.m.,

  • 12:45 Bus, Depart to CAMP SAVIO at Maur Hill-Mount Academy Atchison, KS

  • Check into Camp by 2:00 p.m.

  • Returning Home / By Parents... 

Program / Mass/June 12th, Parents arrive 9:30 a.m – 12:00 p.m.


Saturday, June 12th, Parents arrive 9:00 a.m. for Mass at 9:30a.m., Parent Session!  This is a very important part of camp, so please plan to be here at Camp. This means parents will be picking up their teen in Atchison, KS.


Please arrive here to Camp on time, but we all run late so please text us if this happens. Teens have a lots of anxiety and worries when their parents arrive late. This will help us to help them. Thanks!

CAMP SAVIO InFormation


…that camp should be FUN! We play hard, but more importantly, we pray harder! Every camper should walk away from camp with a better relationship with God than when they arrived.


We pray, plan, prepare, and execute the programming for each week of camp. (So the hard work is already done for you!) In planning and carrying out the programming our goal is to create an environment for campers (and their chaperones) to experience adventure, faith, trust, and safety.

During the week, a lineup of dynamic presenters, talented worship leaders, and dedicated priests serve along with the camp staff to encourage a deeper relationship with Christ for each camper.



Breakfast, lunch and dinner each day

A morning and afternoon filled with a variety of games, actives, and adventures (team building actives, messy games, mud pit, low ropes, obstacle courses, field games, and more)

Retreat like sessions each night revolving around the yearly camp theme

An opportunity for the sacraments – Reconciliation, Adoration, and daily Mass

Off-site day to KC Watersports

Free time to shop at the general store

Life Teen 2.jpg

Camp SAVIO Live Stream Videos

Parents tune in each Day/night for our Sessions: CAMPSAVIO.COM

Updated Schedule will be posted on 

Note: The best thing, is to go to the website and hit the follow button - It sends notifications when we go live.

Watch Live Stream


Group Leader: This is the person organizing the trip and the main group contact throughout the registration process and leading up to your arrival at camp. The group leader must be an adult, age 21 or older, who is actually attending camp with the group.

Adult Chaperone: To attend as an adult chaperone, you must be at least 21 years old. While at camp, the adult chaperones are to participate as any camper would. They will be the role models of openness to God throughout every adventure. Along with having fun, they will be responsible for the actions and participation of your campers. Throughout the day, they will need to keep the campers on task to the adventure at hand. At night you will be sleeping in the same dorms as the campers. Therefore, we expect that you will help us with enforcing the curfew and lights out rule, as well as helping wake the campers in time for the day.


Campers: Participants at summer camp. For Camp Savio, these include incoming 6th graders through graduating 8th graders. For Camp Bosco, these include incoming 10th graders through graduating seniors.

Savio Shepherds: Savio Shepherds are college aged students who have applied and have been accepted to serve you and your campers at camp. The shepherds will help run the sessions in the evenings, coordinate the daily activities and games, get to know your youth, provide a listening ear and prayerful spirit.

Savio Servants: Savio Servants are high school aged students who have applied and have been accepted to serve. During Camp Savio, they run all the behind the scenes work: setting up and taking down, making sure water jugs are full, running the technology, working in the kitchen, taking photos, taking video, editing photos and videos, running song lyrics, delivering the night snack, working in the camp store, etc. During Camp Bosco, they attend as campers.

Middle School Ministry

Youth Ministry for All Middle School Youth 6th - 8th grade. Learn more about EDGE and find this year's schedule 

Learn More About EDGE
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LIFE TEEN is St. Therese High School Youth Group for 9th -12th grade. Learn more about LIFE TEEN and their initiatives.

Learn More About Life Teen
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