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Please note that the video mentions the Sacrament Meeting dates of September 21 or 23, but those dates have changed to September 28 and 30 and are reflected on the calendar

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PSR and Youth


Children's Ministry exists to help kids
live, pray, and grow in
their relationship with Jesus Christ. ​

COVID 2020-2021 Plans


Religious Education  1st - 5th grade

Religious Education (RE) is a ministry for children who do not attend St. Therese School to receive their religious instruction. Normally RE is for children in grades 1-5, but the resources we will be using this year include Kindergarten, so for this year, we will run a pilot of having Kindergarten included.

RE will meet on the 3rd Wednesday of each month in Church with Edge.  When gathering in Church, we will be socially distanced and will follow all safety guidelines.  The goal of the monthly gatherings is to build on the community of families at St. Therese and to bring us together to celebrate our faith as one Church.  


The monthly gatherings will include Mass, Stations of the Cross, Praying the Rosary (hopefully outdoors at the Rosary Garden), Adoration, preparing for Advent and Christmas, Stations of the Cross (again, hopefully outdoors at the outdoor Stations of the Cross).


The core curriculum for RE will be done at home using Gospel Weeklies published by Pfaum, a faith formation program.  These resources are a grade appropriate for Kindergarten and 1st grade, 2nd and 3rd grade, and 4th/5th grade.  Included will be a weekly “pamphlet” and handbook on our Church doctrine, that focuses the lesson around the Sunday readings while also learning what we believe as Catholics, the liturgy and sacraments, morality and prayer.  The resources will be given out quarterly at the monthly gatherings or at another pick up option should you miss the gathering when they are handed out. The resources will also be available online with many more additional resources online.  In addition to your family working on these weekly lessons, Catechists will be providing support to you weekly and/or monthly.  ​

Sacrament Preparation   Reconciliation   *   Eucharist   *   Confirmation

Children in grade 2 (must be registered in St. Therese School or Religious Education program)  will prepare for the sacrament of Reconciliation and Eucharist.  Parents must attend a meeting in late September/early October and again in January.  The sacrament of Reconciliation is typically celebrated during the Advent Season and the sacrament of Eucharist is celebrated during the Easter season.


If a child is older then 2nd grade, they can prepare for the sacrament of Reconciliation and Eucharist also.  Contact Jennifer Davis for more details. or 816-741-5400 ext 107

Confirmation is currently done during the 9th-grade year.

Confirmation Link

Sam Ford - Sacrament of Confirmation at

Youth Ministry for All Middle School Youth 6th -8th grade



Student Ministry Contact Information

Youth Director, Sam Ford: 816.741.5400, ext 119


Parish Office: 816-741-2800

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