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Messages and Memos from Father Joe

Father Joe's Homilies

3/22/2020, 4th Sunday of Lent

3/19/2020, Feast of St. Joseph

Video Messages from Fr. Joe

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cfe, 3/30/20

Get into the Picture, 3/30/20

The Frigate, 3/26/20

Gospel of Life, 3/25/20

Nada te turbe, 3/24/20

Missing You , 3/22/20

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Father Joe - Family Time
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Our Channel Offerings 

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Pray the Joyful Mysteries with Fr. Joe

Pray the Luminous Mysteries with Fr Randy and Sandy

Pray the Sorrowful Mysteries with Fr. Andrew

Pray the Glorious Mysteries with Deacon Rick and his Family


Divine Mercy - Deacon Doug and Deacon Scott 

Adoration Hour (previously recorded 3/19/20)

Pray the Stations of the Cross with Fr. Joe and Fr. Andrew

Revelation Study Series with Deacon Scott

Our Lady of Perpetual Help



5th Sunday of Lent, 3/28/20

Other Programming (click on Youtube channel above)

Intentional Faith from Fr. Joe

Day by Day (DBD) with Fr. Randy

Thoughts & Teachings from Fr. Andrew

St. Therese Sing Along with Karen, Director of Music

For Kids

Learn the Stations of the Cross as you color, Just click here

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